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Your 14-Day Home Workout Guide

This 14-Day Home Workout guide is an introduction to Senada’s workouts, suitable for anyone looking to get back into a consistent workout routine, try something new with their training or who is starting out for the very first time.

  • Dynamic, functional strength training
  • Innovative and creative approach to full body movements
  • Use of bodyweight and dumbbells, adaptable to all fitness levels
  • 20 minute follow along workouts that easily fit into your day!

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Discover The “Senada Method”

The Senada Method is based around strength, functional and dynamic training. It takes an innovative and creative approach to traditional movement patterns, to ensure that these methods deliver amazing results which are sustainable.

Senada has helped sculpt Hollywood’s best bodies. She also helps everyday individuals become stronger, leaner and fitter than ever... the methods are exactly the same!

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real people, achieving real results with the Senada Method

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4 weeks is all it takes to fire up your transformation journey. That's why every month you'll receive NEW exclusive challenges designed to be the building blocks of your long-term transformation journey.

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Access The THRST Knowledge Library

Having workouts to follow is one thing. Knowing how to integrate fitness with your lifestyle is another. As a THRST App exclusive, you’ll receive access to our knowledge library with members-only content on lifestyle advice, training best practices, form perfection, nutrition and more.

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Download our free PDF training guide & start your journey to visible results & strength today

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Have any questions?

Does the app work in every country?

Yes it does!

Can I download this on android?

Yes you can. The THRST app is available on iOS and Android devices.

I’m new to the gym, is this for me?

Answer: 100%! Each guide is personalised to YOU. Our app expertly formulates a plan catered to your goals, lifestyle and experience.

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"No more guessing, each workout is clear to follow. Leaving me to focus on form and increasing weights and reps. I’m finally seeing results and enjoying the process!"

So cool workouts. I’m seeing so much progress after 5 weeks.

"Workouts are wonderfully thought through, targeting all muscle groups in a challenging yet safe manner."

"The variety of exercises, especially the combo ones add a nice twist to my workouts."