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Move & Mindset is a 45 day challenge, designed to support you to build a healthy and achievable routine to lead you to long term physical and mental results, and success through discipline. This summer, commit to:

  • Daily meditation practice for just 10 mins
  • Mindful eating, without screens or distractions
  • Daily movement of 30 mins or more - the Senada Method workouts, or other!

It's absolutely free to be a part of our challenge. We want you to feel supported and inspired by the WeRise community, and become the best version of yourself

Plus you will have the chance to win amazing prizes along the way by following and being a part of our community challenges.

For more information on how to win our prizes, keep a close eye on our Instagram!

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Workout selfie giveaway

  • Share a post workout selfie and you could win a year's subscription to WeRise & a $200 Zentoa voucher

Self-love giveaway

  • Share your favorite way to unwind and prioritize self care and you could win a voucher for you and a friend to visit a spa of your choice

Morning routine giveaway

  • Share content of your morning routine and you could win a Thera massage gun

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